David Phillips, DDS

Since entering the field in 1987, Dr. David Phillips has been dedicated to restoring the health and function of his patients’ dentition. His commitment to patient education and comfort sets him apart, as he takes the time to thoroughly explain procedures and address any concerns, ensuring his patients feel empowered and at ease with their dental care decisions.

Outside of the office, Dr. Phillips finds joy in spending quality time with his family, including his wife, children, and grandchildren. Outside of his professional obligations, Dr. Phillips immerses himself in a diverse array of hobbies. Whether he’s on the golf course, scuba diving adventures, fishing, or cooking, Dr. Phillips approaches every aspect of his life with care and dedication.

Jami Receptionist/Office Manager

Jami has over a decade of experience in the dental field, bringing experience and warmth to our practice. Since her entry into the field, she has been dedicated to providing exceptional patient care and building meaningful connections with each individual who walks through the door. Clients appreciate her friendly demeanor and approachability, making interactions with Jami a highlight of their dental experience.

Jami is grateful for the outstanding team she collaborates with, making her an indispensable member of the office community.  Beyond her professional life, Jami finds joy in spending time with her family, including her three beloved grandchildren. She and her husband enjoy retreats to the great outdoors for camping trips, relishing in the serenity of nature and quality time.

Taylor – Dental Assistant

Taylor thrives on connecting with patients, providing not just dental assistance but also a warm and understanding presence. Taylor’s honesty and openness create a comfortable atmosphere, fostering positive interactions with clients who appreciate her genuine care and commitment to their oral well-being.

Outside the dental office, Taylor, her fiancé, and their black lab, Oakley, share a love of the outdoors. Taylor’s dedication to helping others extends beyond the dental chair, reflecting the genuine and caring spirit she brings to 44th Street Dental.

Kris Dental Hygienist

With extensive experience as both a dental assistant and hygienist, Kris brings a wealth of knowledge to our practice. Certified in local anesthetic and nitrous, she is well-prepared to provide exceptional care to patients. What she finds most rewarding about her role is the opportunity to have one-on-one time with patients, fostering a comfortable and personalized experience. Clients appreciate her attentive and compassionate approach, valuing the dedicated attention and meaningful conversations they receive during their visits.

Kris’s loves the camaraderie and positive atmosphere fostered by the team. With colleagues she admires and respects, Kris finds fulfillment in contributing to a practice where everyone works together harmoniously to deliver exceptional dental care.  Outside of the office, Kris has two dogs and leads an active lifestyle, enjoying hobbies such as boating and fishing.

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